Welcome to our website!

I am thrilled to share with you the exciting things we are working on at Rise & Shine!  A little about me:  I am beginning my junior year at the University of Texas.

For most of my junior high and high school years, I played several sports, including soccer, field hockey and golf.  Early in my junior year I unfortunately suffered a serious concussion.  Because I was sidelined for most of the school year, I had time to rediscover the passion I have always had for helping others succeed.  I believe that, in this day and time, we all need a strong support system - in whatever form it may come.

I started Rise & Shine to encourage each of us to support one another within our families, communities and classrooms.  If we do, I deeply believe the best is yet to come

Please continue to check back for information on all of the fun adventures we can have together!


                                                                 With love,


Anna Moritz