A New Day in SA.jpg

We are excited to announce the opening of A New Day in SA, our first "pop-up" resale shop located in San Augustine, Texas. All proceeds from the store go directly to benefit the San Augustine community.  So far, Rise & Shine has made contributions to the San Augustine Volunteer Fire Department, the San Augustine County Junior Livestock Show, and Care & Share, among others.  Rise and Shine has two local partners, the San Augustine Legacy Group and the Boys & Girls Club.  Together, we developed a reading curriculum for the Boys & Girls Club summer program.  Rise and Shine also provided the computers for the San Augustine Legacy Group’s computer lab.

A New Day in SA has also helped fund our Tour & Teach program, which provides students the opportunity to participate in creative educational experiences, as well as our newest program, A Little Bit of Love.  Stay tuned for the location of our next "pop-up" store!